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Output from 1BC Technology Workshop and Showcase

19 October 2016 – The Satellite Applications Catapult recently supported the two-day 1 Billion Coalition (1BC) for Resilience Technology Workshop, which aimed to identify a vision and roadmap for developing the infrastructure to make preparedness and resilience data available to individuals, communities and organisations.

Day 1 – Workshop

View the agenda for Day 1

During day 1, delegates explored the blocking issues and corresponding enablers in building an infrastructure environment that would support 1BC’s five platforms and their apps. This included showcasing examples of the types of tools the infrastructure will be likely to support.

Read the summary and outcomes from Day 1 of the conference

Day 2 – Showcase

View the agenda for Day 2

The second day was an opportunity for application developers with existing services relevant to the 1BC initiative to present their ideas to a mixture of funders and experts to receive feedback on their ideas, build connections, and solidify their place in the coalition. 1BC then outlined its plans for moving forward with the workshop outputs from the workshop, and the commitments made by various attending organisations.

View the agenda for Day 2

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