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A New Vision for Weather and Climate Services in Africa

This report is a learning product from the UNDP’s Programme on Climate Information for Resilient Development in Africa (CIRDA), a four-year programme supporting work in 11 African least developed countries with US$50 million from the Global Environment Facility’s Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF). As such, it builds on the expertise of the CIRDA technical team, the products of several workshops, and initial consultations between CIRDA experts and public and private representatives of CIRDA-supported countries. The vision described here is closely related to the work plan and activities of the CIRDA programme, which works within the Advanced Cross-sectoral Climate Resilient Livelihoods Signature Programme. By supporting the development of early warning systems across Africa, Asia and the Pacific, it assists countries to respond to both short-term / rapid-onset climatic hazards (e.g., cyclones, floods and storms), as well as long-term/slow-onset hazards (e.g., drought and long-term climate change).