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Sustaining the success of the systematic Land Tenure Registration in Rwanda

Since 2010, the Government of Rwanda addressed land tenure through a series of actions including the establishment of institutional and administrative structures for land management and administration. At district, town, and municipality level, District Land Bureaus (DLBs), complemented by sector and cell level land committees, assumed responsibility for land administration and planning.

After careful piloting in 2008/09, a process for systematic low cost demarcation and adjudication using aerial photography or high resolution satellite imagery was roll-out nationally. In less than three years, the Rwanda Natural Resource Authority (RNRA) demarcated 11.4 million out of an estimated 11.5 million land parcels in the country in a participatory way and at a unit cost of less than $6 per parcel (Nkurunziza 2015). Positive impacts at household levels were identified at various stages of the project implementation.