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Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems for Climate Resilient and Adaptation to Climate Change in Ethiopia Project

This is a general procurement notice (GPN) focused on strengthening climate information and early warning systems for climate resilient and adaptation to climate change in Ethiopia.

  1. The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has received a grant from the African Development Special Fund to finance the Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems for Climate Resilient and Adaptation to Climate Change in Ethiopia Project.

  2. The principal objectives of this project are to improve socioeconomic development, cope with climate variability, and build resilience to climate change for Ethiopia through high quality weather and climate services. Specific objective includes enhancing the capacity of National Meteorology Agency by promoting strategies that effectively manage risks, reduce vulnerability and maximize opportunities associated with climate variability, change and extreme weather events for different socioeconomic sectors in Ethiopia. The National Meteorological Agency (NMA) will be responsible for procurement activities under the project.

  3. The project includes the following components: (i) Investment in the improvement of the capacity of NMA in-terms of observational network, data collection and data analysis and interpretation. (ii) Consultancy services on the development of localized forecast and user tailored products and services that can contribute to climate resiliency and reduction of risks associated with extreme weather events like drought and flooding. (iii) Investment on the improvement of the communication and dissemination system and also for building the capacity of target groups of users on their level of the use of climate and weather advisories, early warnings.

  4. Procurement of Goods will be in accordance with the Bank's Rules and Procedures for the Procurement of Goods and Works. Acquisition of the services of Consultants will follow the Bank's Rules and Procedures for the Use of Consultants. Bidding documents are expected to be available starting from June - July, 2016.

The Procurement modes are as follow:

  • International Competitive Bidding (ICB): Procurement of Goods (Automatic Weather Stations-AWS, Mobile Calibration Unit-MCU and field vehicles and, Satellite rainfall estimation system, Service Firms: (i) That develops objective forecast method and localized agro-meteorology advisory

  • National Competitive Bidding (NCB): Procurement of goods such as computers, scanners and software

  • Services- Firms: Financial Audit, Need and Feasibility assessment on GIS Facilities and Mobile Phone Based Data Exchange System.