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GIS-based mapping of erosion and flood sites in Kogi State

This is a request for Expression of Interest for GIS-based mapping of erosion and flood sites in Kogi State, Nigeria.

As part of the Nigerian Government's commitment to transformation of the Nigerian socio-economic landscape, a multi-sector project is being executed in Nigeria to mitigate the vulnerability to erosion and support the people as they relate to their land. NEWMAP is an 8-year multi-sectoral and multi-scale program that targets states with acute gully erosion. The project involves many Federal and State Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Local Governments, communities and civil societies who are responsible for planning, economy, finance, works, agriculture, water resources, forests, transport, power, emergency response, as well as those focused on climate and hydrological information or watershed / basin regulation. In order to achieve this, the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) has received a credit of US$500million from the International Development Association (IDA) for the implementation Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project.


NEWMAP has responsibility of providing a "Damage Control" to slow the expansion of targeted set of aggressive gullies across Kogi State, thereby reducing the loss to property and infrastructure and helping cultivate community ownership; influencing the gully intervention to support integrated watershed management and move towards greater adoption of sustainable land and water management practices by local people in the sub-watershed where the gullies are located. Therefore, the purpose of this consultancy services is the Mapping of Gully Erosion/flood Sites and the generation of Land Resource Inventory data within a geographic information system (GIS) framework. This will aid in knowing the status of gully erosion sites and land resources in the state and effective management and monitoring of all erosion sites in the state. The mapping will also underpin project presentation and reporting on key status of erosion sites especially the sites for the NEWMAP GRASS component.

Further details about the full scope of work can be found via