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Competition for Funding: Satellites to improve agri-food systems

This competition links two key areas of innovation: agriculture & food and satellite applications. Its main aim is to stimulate the development and adoption of new technologies and/or business models based on the innovative use of satellite technology, which help to improve the productivity of the UK food and farming industries and simultaneously address the environmental impacts of increased land use and intensification.

Capabilities requested

We are looking for applications addressing innovation and new services in at least one of the following areas.

Primary production This area covers: - Farm machinery guidance and auto steer/controlled traffic - Autonomous systems - Variable rate application - Yield/biomass/soil mapping and monitoring - Livestock monitoring/tracking - Whole farm system connectivity

Post-farm gate This area covers: - Farm machinery monitoring and asset management - Geo-traceability/geo-referencing - Field delineation/survey - Compliance,mapping - Stock movement/traceability and provenance - Supply-side management and logistics/delivery