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I-Sat Connection project: A commercial opportunity in Africa

Overarching aim: To deliver tangible economic benefits from the use of UK satellite technology to countries that currently do not have these benefits, and generate a bridge between the UK space sector and strategic emerging countries by doing so.


As part of the I-Sat Connection project, Equity Bank plans to leverage its assets and agent network, along with Inmarsat’s mobile satellite capabilities, to deliver high quality digital services that drive growth in Kenya and beyond. Part of the consortium's work is focused on identifying the most appropriate content and applications that can be successfully offered via the Equity Bank’s agent network.

Working in partnership with the Equity Bank Group, Inmarsat will provide connectivity to enable financial services, welfare and other content access to over 200 locations in Kenya.

In this context, a sprint process has been developed to evaluate and trial new content and applications. We invite companies, content and application providers to submit their interest in participating in the trials in Kenya, and having the opportunity to establish long-term engagement with the I-Sat Connection project’s partners.

Capabilities requested

We are looking for UK companies who can deliver digital content and/or application services to rural and unconnected areas in Africa. The content provided can entail a wide array of themes and domains.