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Country Organisation Type Domain Capabilities
United Kingdom Planet Earth Institute Research & Technology, Equipment Supplier, Service Provider, End User, Policy Maker Earth Observation, Space Sciences Bioenergy, Data management, Higher Education, Innovation + Entrepreneurship, Marine Science, Technology
United Kingdom Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA) Research & Technology, Service Provider, End User, Policy Maker, Consulting Earth Observation, Navigation, Telecoms Aerospace Knowledge Management, air quality, Application software, Asset tracking, Astronomy, Atmospheric chemistry, Autonomy, Baselining, Bioenergy, boats, Business Analytics, Car park occupancy, Cartography, charting, Climate, Cloud Computing, coffee production support, Collaboration, Competitive Intelligence, Computer vision, Congestion, Connectivity and communications, Conservation, costal waters, Crisis Response, Crisis Risk Reduction, Crop recording module, Cyber Security, Data management, Data Management, Data Quality Assurance, Digital Economies, Earth observation, Ecosystems, Education, Emerging Markets, Environmental Consultancy, Environmental Improvement, Environmental protection, Events, Facilitating Knowledge Exchange, Geospatial Data, Geospatial data management, Harvest Monitoring, High-efficiency solar panels, Higher Education, Information Technology, Infrastructure Services, Innovation + Entrepreneurship, Innovative, Insight, International Development, IP, Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Management, Monitoring, Partnership, Policy Development, Poverty, Remote Sensing, Research Advisory, Research & Development, Resilience, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment, Social Impact, Surveying, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Systems Integration Services, Technology, Unconventional Resources, Urban traffic management, Water, Windfarms
United Kingdom University of Leicester Research & Technology Earth Observation, Space Sciences air quality, Astronomy, Atmospheric chemistry, Climate, Earth observation, Environmental protection, Forest monitoring, Fundamental physics, Higher Education, Image processing, Innovation + Entrepreneurship, IP, LIDAR, LULCC, Mapping, Mission design, monitoring, Optics, Planetary physics, Pollution, precision farming, Projects, Radar, Sustainability, Systems engineering, Technology
United Kingdom Autonomous National University-León, Nicaragua (UNAN-León) Research & Technology Earth Observation, Navigation, Space Sciences
Colombia FCO Colombia End User International Services
United States Global Alliance for Humanitarian Innovation End User, Financing Body Advocacy, Emergency Response Decision Support, Humanitarian
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