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Clyde Space


Clyde Space is an award-winning SME, with a key focus on the design and manufacture of hardware for small and nano-satellites. Clyde Space is now recognised as a leading Spacecraft Prime Contractor in the UK having established an end-to-end platform capability, offering full mission design, platform development, integration, and test at our headquarters in Glasgow. Clyde Space prides itself on working with customers to ensure they receive the platform, the quality, and the service they require; we don’t just provide platforms, we provide solutions. Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2015, Clyde Space stands as a world leader in the CubeSat sector. We have over 60 satellites in various stages of production in our clean-room, for customers the world over. Our expertise and experience range from bespoke small satellite power systems, through a wide range of Off-The-Shelf CubeSat subsystems, to complete nanosatellite mission design and platform integration. Our partnerships with payload providers from the UK, and across the world, enable us to provide a wide range of imagers and sensors to deliver turn-key mission solutions. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, we now offer a complete NANOBED CubeSat Development Laboratory for your location. This NANOBED enables rapid development of nanosatellite subsystems and payloads – with online integration support from our expert team. Our expanding portfolio of products have extensive mission heritage, accumulating more than 100 years in-orbit lifetime. The maturity of our products and our ISO 9001-accredited manufacturing processes provide high confidence that we can meet the challenging timelines of projects, with high quality and high performance equipment. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your mission requirements