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Lalmba is a non-profit humanitarian organization headquartered in the state of Colorado. It envisions a healthy, prosperous community where all at-risk children are educated, preventable disease is eradicated, and opportunities exist for people to provide for themselves and their families.

Lalmba Association was started by Hugh and Marty Downey from Kansas City, Missouri. Hugh founded Lalmba after seeing (and immediately meeting) the needs of two orphan boys he met while serving in the US Army in Keren, Eritrea. He went home, married Marty, and together they have served the people of Africa ever since, meeting the needs where they seem the greatest. Little did they know that over the years, Lalmba would treat well over two million patients in their hospitals and medical clinics, and care for thousands of orphaned or at-risk children.

In September 2013, they officially retired, and handed over the reins to Jeff and Hillary James who previously served as volunteers in Ethiopia. Various volunteers in the US assist Jeff and Hillary with accomplishing the details of this work.

Lalmba's mission statement is: "Empowering rural communities in Africa to provide their own people with high quality basic health care, effective public health initiatives, microfinance and support for vulnerable children. We have a special love for children, whom they see not as a burden, but as part of a brilliant future for Africa."