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Oxford Earth Sciences


The Department of Earth Sciences is an interdisciplinary applied science department which is part of the University of Oxford’s Maths, Physics and Life Sciences (MPLS) Division. The department is home to around 120 undergraduate students, 80 graduate students, 30 lecturers, 60 researchers and 30 administrative and technical support staff. Laboratories and offices are complemented by spacious social zones, lecture and conference rooms, a library and a stunning entrance atrium.

Faculty and researchers demonstrate expertise across many areas of the Earth Sciences. Its aim is to conceive and conduct world-leading research into the processes that shape the formation and history of the solid earth, its oceans and atmosphere, and examine their mutual interactions and effect on the earth’s environment and biosphere. Much of this work is interdisciplinary, and is driven by interaction with collaborators across the physical and increasingly the social sciences.

With 94% of its research activity classified as ‘world leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’, the department is one of the leading centres of geological research in the UK, topping the ranking for research quality in the 2014 Research Excellent Framework with a score of 3.4. Its external research grant income in 2014/15 was £8.5m.