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Since its foundation in 1984, GMV has worked in close collaboration with British industry, especially in space projects. In 2012, as part of this development, GMV reached a strategic collaboration agreement in the transport area with the British traffic management systems leader IMTECH PEEK for joint development of advanced fleet-management and passenger-information systems and fare-collection systems.

In 2013, as part of its ongoing policy of worldwide expansion, GMV set up a strategic business development plan in the United Kingdom. This involved the constitution of a new company, up and running since late 2014. As well as this latest firm, GMV also runs subsidiaries and offices in France, Colombia, Germany, India, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and USA.

The main goal of the new Oxfordshire-based subsidiary is to draw up a long-term project to harness the business opportunities offered by Britain, with an important base of operations and added value. Emphasis will be placed on the space market, and specifically in the segment of applications, earth observation, telecommunications and new technologies.