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Civicus DataShift


CIVICUS, the World Alliance for Citizen Participation, is a membership alliance with members in over 175 countries, which seeks to strengthen citizen action and civil society around the world.

DataShift, a CIVICUS initiative, builds the capacity and confidence of civil society organisations to produce and use citizen‑generated data to monitor sustainable development progress, demand accountability and campaign for transformative change. This aims to result in people-powered accountability which drives progress on sustainable development.

This is all done in alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

DataShift is working in five key activity areas in an effort to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of citizen-generated data initiatives:

  1. The LEARNING ZONE provides citizens and civil society organisations with online, user-friendly and accessible information and resources on generating and using data.

  2. DIRECT SUPPORT ACTIVITIES carried out by DATASHIFT AMBASSADORS build in-country capacity on citizen-generated data in DataShift pilot countries through technical support and convening multi‑stakeholder dialogues to foster collaboration.

  3. THEMATIC FORUMS, including events, consultations and online exchanges on citizen‑generated data, to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration on citizen-generated data.

  4. The DATASHIFT FUND is a demand-led mechanism which channels financial and technical assistance to civil society actors in pilot countries who want to build their capacity, experiment and innovate with citizen-generated data.

  5. The DATASHIFT DASHBOARD uses citizen-generated data to monitor the SDG..