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One Billion Coalition for Resilience (1BC)


The One Billion Coalition for Resilience (1BC) is an unprecedented commitment from individuals, communities, organizations, business and governments to mobilize the potential of our collective networks, our ability to work at scale, and to coordinate our shared resources, working toward a world where people are safer, healthier and can thrive, even in the face of adversity. Working together in global, national and local coalitions, we can support the ability of individuals, communities, organizations and countries to anticipate, prepare for and reduce the impact of disasters, crises and underlying vulnerabilities. The affect of this will ensure people are better able to cope with and recover from the effects of shocks and stresses, minimizing the impact on their long-term well-being. The 1BC invites everyone to be agents of change to create a more resilient world. It is an opportunity to build on, strengthen and expand existing networks and initiatives for community resilience. Partners forming local and national coalition will shape the initiative to suit their local circumstances, by implementing practical initiatives. Under the 1BC they will be connected to a global coalition driving greater access to tool, and expertise at the local level. The 1BC ensures communities are able to make resilience building choices that fit with local needs and can draw on local resources. It will be designed to help communities and households build resilience across a wide range of areas, including: first aid and preparedness training, strengthening local institutions and early warning systems, pandemic preparedness and improving access to health and water and sanitation. The the ultimate aim to improve and save lives.