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HTiL ultimate objective is to facilitate a paradigm shift: • Where being ‘displaced’ is acknowledged as a circumstance and not an identity, and where this circumstance is recognised as demanding action based on every individuals’ historical and aspirational context and identity • Where displaced persons are able to use their identity, personal history and aspirations to become recognised as being part of the solution to truly global prosperity and security rather than being seen as a threat to it."

HTiL will achieve this through a dual axis approach as follows:
1. Development of an online secure ChatBot platform called MyInform. MyInform will enable displaced people to more easily communicate with humanitarian organisations and host countries through natural language dialogue without PII, and later creating their own temporary secure digital profile containing personal history, needs and aspirations. This will be an ‘opt-in’ system enabling each individual to choose whether to create and update their profile as well as to identify which parts (if any) to share through our Humanitarian Hubs (see below).
2. Development of the associated Humanitarian Hub (HHub). The HHub will take anonymised and aggregated data from MyInform and provide pre-agreed and vital information to: • humanitarian and civil society organisations to help them to improve the targeting of services for displaced people; • host countries and policy makers to assist sustainable integration/reintegration of mutual benefit to displaced people and host countries