About STARHub

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STARHub stands for Space Technology Applied Research Hub.

Our Goal

Welcome to STARHub, the place to share learnings, connect with experts and generate new ideas for using satellite technology to enable growth in emerging economies.

STARHub has been created to connect the rapidly growing UK Space community with in-country experts, to develop new partnerships that deliver satellite-based services and infrastructure, and to enable UK satellite companies to promote their skills and services.

By building a dynamic community based on international collaboration, the goal is to create a range of satellite services that transform agriculture, communications, and energy, health and transportation projects around the world.

Why it’s important

Whilst some nations take for granted the services that space provides, others have less understanding or knowledge of satellite capabilities or the opportunity to benefit from this vital resource.

For example, internet connectivity is increasingly seen as crucial to economic growth, yet as the limits of mobile telephony expansion are being reached, new infrastructure models are required to enable connectivity for the billions of people living in the world’s poorest areas.

Pushing Digital Frontiers is an Inmarsat programme that is addressing this challenge by bringing satellite based internet connectivity to local communities in Kenya and Nigeria.  Funded by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership for Space Programme (IPSP), Pushing Digital Frontiers has inspired the development of STARHub.

By reaching out to experts with local knowledge, connections and experience and linking them to UK satellite companies, STARHub aims to build on the success of Pushing Digital Frontiers and expand the uptake of satellite technology to help nations thrive.

STARHub supporters

STARHub is part of the Pushing Digital Frontiers programme funded by the UK Space Agency through the International Partnership for Space Programme (IPSP), a £32 million investment to build international collaborations that enable countries to harness UK satellite skills and services in emerging and established space-faring nations.

Pushing Digital Frontiers is led by Inmarsat, who are working with partners in Sub-Saharan Africa to bring internet connectivity to local communities in Nigeria and Kenya.  Satellite remains the only viable means of providing universal internet access beyond the reach of terrestrial communication in Sub-Saharan Africa — in 2012, a total of 341 million people lived beyond a 50km range of an operational fibre optic network1.

Through the IPSP, Inmarsat has been awarded funding for projects in key East and West African growth hubs, where for many citizens, basic digital services such as a resilient data communication infrastructure or local mapping are not available to them.

In Kenya, Inmarsat are working with the Equity Bank Group to provide connectivity that enables financial services, welfare and other content access to over 200 locations. Partnering with Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA), Pushing Digital Frontiers is delivering maternal and child health services to 50 remote and rural communities in Nigeria, a priority identified by the World Bank.

The STARHub project is managed by the Satellite Applications Catapult and developed through a partnership between Inmarsat, Dalberg and Caribou Digital.